Custom Python-R Script Tool for ArcGIS

Gridded Extremes


  • Build a user-interface to allow any user to run extreme value models on gridded data (raster images)
  • Automatically run extreme value models pixel by pixel in order to estimate return levels from a series of temporal raster images
  • Interface Python and R within the ArcGIS software

Research Team

Francesco Tonini


This custom toolbox contains tools to run extreme value analysis on a set of temporal rasters. This current version only contains the block maxima/minima approach to extreme value analysis. Future versions may include tools such as exploratory ACF/PACF analysis or the peak-over-threshold (POT) approach to extreme values. The current tool assumes stationarity in the temporal sequence of values. Given a sequence of temporal raster images, this tool runs the block maxima (minima) approach in order to calculate return levels for the desired return period(s). The script tool uses external R software routines for all calculations.



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