Software Extension for Modeling Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Forest Disease Spread


Software and Data Availability

Software name: Base EDA for LANDIS-II
Programming Language: C#
Available at:
Source Code:


  • Introduce a new software extension for LANDIS-II to add more realist spatiotemporal dynamics in forest host communities hit by disease
  • Test the new extension on a highly heterogeneous host landscape to study scenarios of disease spread and community dynamics over space and time

Research Team

Francesco Tonini, Chris Jones, Brian Miranda, Richard C. Cobb, Briand Sturtevant, Ross K. Meentemeyer


Forest landscape simulation models (FLSMs) – often used to understand and project forest dynamics over space and time in response to environmental disturbance – have rarely included realistic epidemiological processes of plant disease transmission and impacts. Landscape epidemiological models, by contrast, frequently treat forest ecosystems as static or make simple assumptions regarding ecosystem change following disease. Here we present Base Epidemiological Disturbance Agent (EDA) extension that allows users of the LANDIS-II FLSM to simulate forest pathogen spread and host mortality within a spatially explicit forest simulation. EDA enables users to investigate forest pathogen spread and impacts over large landscapes (>105 ha) and long time periods. We evaluate the model extension using Phytophthora ramorum as a case study of an invasive plant pathogen causing emerging infectious disease and considerable tree mortality in California. EDA will advance the utility of LANDIS-II and forest disease modeling in general.

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